torsdag 26. april 2012

A motivational story about spring water

Dette innlegget er myntet på noen som snakker engelsk, derfor er det på engelsk. Det handler om å en som er lei av å studere til eksamen i grunnvannsfag på høgskolen..  :)

So you brat don't like this subject georesources and groundwater?

Let's say you go hitch hiking, as a lot of you normally do, but oops, this time, you lost your water bottle! Or it got knocked over and is totally useless. I know, stupid, but it happens. So you have no source of water at all. You see no rivers and you're starting to get thirsty! The road, you know, runs just on other side of the mountain. At sunset your head starts aching, but fret not! Because what you see in front of you are the beautiful sedimentary deposits left by the last big glacier covering Our Earth. And just below that hill, that's the spring horizon! Aha, what's that water dribbling out there!

Springs in the Naran Valley of Pakistan

And know what? When you arrive home you tell everyone that, "Thanks to my georesources study I survived yet another hazardous trip!"

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