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Norway passes fossile fuel car ban

Sept. 30 2010, 8h09

As the wild polar bear is now proven extinct, followed by increasing oil and food prices, all due to excessive climate change, Norway, the world's biggest emitter of oil, CO2, gas and stockfish, felt it had to do something. Something MAJOR.

In Norway the seek for means to further reduce carbondioxide emissions has taken a new turn: Now the department of environment has promised that through the run of current month oil burning is going to be replaced by pure hydro-electric energy in building heat systems. However, the most dramatical change is the totally-oil-fueled car ban. In fact, the word car is no longer used for that kind of vehicle. The word car requires the vehicle to be run on at least 19% renewable energy, preferrably hydrogen or fourth generation bio fuel (which is generated by custom-made microorganisms, consuming CO2)
Until the classical car is extinct, we cannot afford to say we helped the climate become a better place", says Ståle Margitsen, the leader of SV, Ståle Vinner (Ståle wins), Norway's sosialistic left party.

To spot the now fresh criminals the Norwegian police use sniphers, a new sort of device sniffing exhaust from vehicles. It tells whether the fuel is entirely fossile or consists of at least 20% biofuel, preserving the environment. Climate changers receive a very bug fee and have their vehicle confiscated. Funny thing is, there exist no longer ordinary fuel pumps in Norway offering pure fossile fuel, but as Norway is a country of valley mountain, there are plenty of places to hide an illegal, unknown pump. Some, although very few, hardcore climate sceptics seem to cooperate to maintain and offer pure fossile fuel. Now and then such a pump is discovered, attracting engaged youth from Natur & Ungdom (Nature and youth), Bellona and SU all over the country razing and bumping the place shouting "SOTOBØLLE, SOTOBØLLE"; which means carbondioxide (CO2) bully.

Recently informed of these breaking news The IPCC panel deeply encourages all other countries to follow Norway's example if we ever are to save the world's climate.


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  1. Haha.. I like it. Especially the last paragraph. SV politics at its best.

  2. Thanks for reading. Nice to hear you might have enjoyed text. 8}

    Notice kildehenvisning link at bottom of article.


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