mandag 1. juni 2009


Jeg blir så sint.

I dag tidlig, så sent som i tolvtida, så jeg på tekst-tv at et Air France-fly fra Rio de Janeiro til Paris var savnet. Enda en flyulykke? tenkte jeg, og har fulgt med siden. Akkurat nå er det på bakke/havnivå, siden det er tomt for bensin. Det har mest sannsynlig styrtet i havet, ettersom flyet befant seg der da ting begynte å skje.

- fra Air France-presidenten:
""We are without doubt facing an air catastrophe," Gourgeon said. "At this time, the plane's fuel reserves would not permit it to still be in flight."
- en katastrofe? På en måte synes jeg det er galt å kalle det dét: man flyr et lite rør med vinger, pumpet med eksplosiver i lufta, der det ikke nytter å bremse, og så er det en katastrofe hver gang det går galt? Katastrofer, det er jordskjelv og oversvømmelse, det.

Noen tankevekkenede innlegg fra en diskusjon rundt dette:
2009 10:14 am

Airfrance is AMAZING, they are extremely responsible and one of the safest airlines. It is not their fault! Accidents happen! My heart goes to everyone suffering from their lost!

— Rogerio Callegari, São Paulo, Brazil
Yeah, AA 587 had the rudder and vertical stabilizer separate from the aircraft, pilot error was blamed. Since everyone died, nobody to argue.

Then Air Transat’s flight 561 from Cuba had its rudder fall off in straight and level flight, almost exactly the same as the AA587 rudder came off. 561 made it back to the airport okay, but there are now questions about just how well Airbus tails are held on to the aircraft.
2009 9:08 am

It is certainly humbling to know that when you get on a plane, you are risking your very life every time. You have no idea what has happened prior to your getting onboard. You have no idea when the airline foolishly cut costs and did not perform a formerly routine maintenance check or laid off someone experienced who could see errors before they became problems.

These aircraft are ceertainly marvels of our time but with as many souls as they carry, certainly, much can be done to make them safer and less risky to the public.

— jachamp, San Antonio
As many's safer then driving. Unless that is you get on the wrong plane at the wrong time. I gave up flying 14 years ago after a neighbor and her daughter in NYC were killed on the TWA 800 crash (NYC to Paris). I cancelled my flight to Europe that summer and started taking the ship the following year. A few years later I was stuck in Europe and had to get back. The ship was full so I flew Swissair, under duress -'the safest airline in the world'. Two weeks after I got back to NY, Swissair plunged in to the sea off of New York enroute from NYC to Geneva. I now get around the world by boats and trains. It was a conscious decision. Must be the worst possible way to go.

Very tragic for all of the families and friends.

- jan, switzerland

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